Saturday, April 7, 2012

Something is brewing...

Have a gander at this picture.

It means one of two things:
1)  Um, the lab always looks like this.  A lab with supplies and equipment everywhere is an action packed lab, a lab like ours.  This picture means nothing is up!
2)  We are preparing for a trip.

Lets see if this second picture helps sort things out
So now you're probably thinking either:
1)  Yeah, I've read the blog.  You guys are waaaaaaaay into photography.  It's only natural that you'd have a mountain of photo supplies laying around.
2)  What?  Those are photo supplies?  Isn't that a baking dish?
3)  That's a lot of photo stuff, even for you, you must be preparing for some fieldwork

This last picture should seal the deal:

Gustav, François, John (Slapcinsky variety), and I are all heading out to St. Martin tomorrow morning.  This vehicle we fit us and all our gear (barely) for the drive to Miami where we will catch our plane.  I'll keep you posted on what we're up to.

:) Mandy

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