Sunday, March 20, 2011

FUM 2 (FUM Rides Again)

This past February 19th our division hosted the second annual Florida United Malacologists (FUM) meeting over at Powell Hall. You might remember that several of our ranks attended last year's meeting in Sanibel (although I erroneously called it "Florida Union of Malacologists"). The first sign that something was up could be seen in the range.

That table is completely devoid of clutter! But it isn't the Twilight Zone, we tidied the place up. Another sign that we're hosting a meeting can be seen here:

Giving a presentation to a room full of malacologists, however friendly they might be, can be a nerve-wracking experience, and we have to keep our strength up with some fortifying snacks. The line of food actually extended on behind me, cutting the photo off at the [2 trays of] bagels was merely an aesthetic choice.

There were 15 presentations from various shelled-mollusk enthusiasts. Jodi and I actually gave our talks on slugs (no shells!) which were kindly received nonetheless. Here is John Starmer in action giving his talk on work that he and Chris Meyer did on Rapa snails.

That's right, Gustav's long-lost grad student John Starmer had returned to us just in time to be roped into a presentation, but he totally nailed it. In fact, all the presentations were interesting as demonstrated by this audience reaction shot.

We also had a good time socializing over lunch.

And dinner. (I know, I should really stop writing posts when I'm hungry).

Looking forward to seeing you all again at next year's meeting!

:) Mandy


The Beachcomber said...

We miss the Starman on Saipan! Good stuff here! Thanks.

The Beachcomber said...

We miss the Starman on Saipan! Goos stuff here. Thanks!