Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vacuuming the Reef

For quite some time, our group has been experimenting with using Vacuum sampling to get small, cryptic parts of the fauna off of coral reef rubble.  The most recent, and successful, design is based on a sampler that Dr. Richard Pyle designed for his deep water work.

We've had some trouble gettting the required parts through airline security, as Gustav has experienced first hand...  but now it is all here and working!  In the video below, Jenna and Mandy demonstrate its set up and use.

The device, though strange looking,  has proven effective at getting at some spectacular animals that we have not previously collected using other methods, such as the snail below, a "witches' hat" from a family of snails that are parasitic on echinoderms (Eulimidae, Bacula morisyuichiroi).


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Badger, Bob said...

Way cool, Seabird. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see your posts, again!